The Starting XI

Each week i take a look around the Premier league and the web that covers it to bring you some of the best reads. So without further ado, it’s time to check out the starting XI with the pick of this week’s articles. As for their positions and importance, that is for you to decide.

Starting XI:

GK: Who Scored’s Martin Lawrence statistically disects David Luiz

DF: Backpage Football look at the ‘Top 10 overrated Premier League Players’

DF: Chris Mann from the Football Ramble says that Man City’s ‘confidence has put them on the map

DF: Soccer Lens go through the Top footballing feuds

DF: This is Anfield’s Kamal Ahmad compares Downing and Suarez to their Premier League crossing rivals

MF: Football Speak’s Tom Todhunter takes a look at ‘The A to Z of Mario Balotelli

MF: A Football Report with a fascinating story of ‘When the beautiful game met America’s pastime

MF: Late tackle magazine with interesting articles on Mario Balotelli and greed in football

AT: BBC Sport’s Alistair Magowan tactically breaks down the Manchester derby

AT: The Tomkins Times compare how clinical Liverpool are in front of goal with the rest of the Premiership: Waste not want not

AT: Zonal Marking with some brilliant insight on ‘The effects of Chelsea’s pressing game

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