Who is the Premier League’s most wasteful team in front of goal?

When watching Premier League matches, it can appear that some teams are more wasteful than others when it comes to taking their chances.

This, for many sides, can be the difference between taking all three points in a match or simply none at all.

So, just who has been the most wasteful team in front of goal in the Premier League this season?

Who creates the chances?

First off we need to look at which teams are fashioning the most chances in their Premier League matches.


According to OPTA, Liverpool have lead the way this season, creating a scoring chance every 5 minutes, with Spurs just behind at every 5.2 minutes.

Man City come in next (5.4 mins), followed by Everton (5.6 mins), Chelsea (5.7 mins), Arsenal (6 mins) and then surprisingly Man Utd (6.3 mins).

Strugglers Southampton (7 minutes) also generate a fair few chances, as do a recently improved Newcastle side.

At the other end of the scale, Reading have been creating the fewest opportunities, with counter-attacking Stoke and Norwich just above them. Creating chances is only the first step when identifying how wasteful a team is though.

Accurate shooters

Whilst frequency has a part to do with how wasteful a team can be in front of goal, accuracy also has a large part to play.


Top sellers of tickets for the Premier League, Man Utd, may only be sixth in creating scoring chances, but the secret to their success this season has been their accurate shooting.

Spurs were second in generating opportunities and they have also been on point when it comes to hitting the target with their efforts

Fulham, who were fourteenth in generating chances are the third most accurate side. Whilst Man City also feature highly again, as do Chelsea and Arsenal.

Liverpool were creating the most chances, but have been the least accurate. An initial sign that they may be the most wasteful side in the Premier League, but we have more factors to consider first.

Reading, Aston Villa and Stoke were not creating chances and also find themselves at the foot of the accuracy table as well, not a good combination, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are wasteful.

Everton and Southampton are the other sides that see a big fall off from creating plenty of chances compared to being accurate.

Premier League goal converters

Goal conversion is also a valuable factor to consider when looking at the most wasteful teams in front of goal.


Man Utd lead the way once again, with their accurate shooting turning in to goals, but Reading surprisingly sneak in to second.

Chelsea and Arsenal are once again up there; proving that creating chances and being accurate pays off. Fulham’s accurate shooting is also testament to their good conversion of chances in to goals.

Man City were creating chances and being accurate with their shots, but their mid table goal conversion is one of the reasons behind their inability to sustain a title challenge this season.

Liverpool are also in the middle of the pack, but this is due to their wayward shooting. If they could turn this around, their goal conversion would be considerably higher.

At the other end, bottom club QPR have the worst goal conversion, which is a big reason behind their struggles this season. Another inaccurate side, West Ham, also have struggled to turn chances in to goals, as have Stoke and Norwich.

More surprisingly, Everton are once again a faller after creating chances, but being less accurate when it comes to hitting the target.

The biggest drop though is Spurs who are creating chances and being accurate, but just not converting that in to goals. Their strikers have failed to fire with consistency for large parts of the season and this is reflected in their poor goal conversion.

Who is the most wasteful team in the Premier League?

Spurs have to be the most wasteful team in the Premier League this season. Fans who buy football tickets for the Lilywhites see their team creating the second highest number of chances. They also see them hit the target with regularity, but fail to turn these chances in to goals.

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